About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Elbert Elementary School is to ensure all students reach their highest academic potential through a consistent, pervasive, and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of diverse learners.



Elbert Elementary is located on the east side of Winter Haven, off of highway 542 (Dundee Road). From the junction of Highway 542 and Highway 17 (intersection of 6th Street, West and Central Avenue) go east on 542 through Winter Haven and around the south side of Lake Elbert. After you leave Lake Elbert, (still on 542) you will pass the school on the north side of the highway, continue to pass the school, turn left on 16th Street NE, go one block turn left on Avenue C, NE, go one block turn left again onto 15th Street and drive into the school parking lot.

Note: The Dundee Road Entrance is for buses only!