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Elbert Elementary School’s mission is to ensure all students reach their highest academic potential through a consistent, pervasive, and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of diverse learners.


Yearbook – Sale Until 3/15/19

If you are interested in a reduced price on the yearbook of 13 dollars, please make sure to visit the following website to place an order.

Enter Code: 8646319

You may also send in a check made out to Elbert Elementary. Act fast because the sale is only until 3/15/19, and will then go back to the regular price of 15 dollars!

Parent Survey

We would appreciate your feedback and/or input on our district Parent and Family Engagement Plan(PFEP).

You can review our DRAFT PFEP at the list link and then take a few minutes to complete the survey below.

Input on Polk District Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Agradeceríamos su reacción y/o comentarios sobre nuestro Plan de Compromiso Paterno y Familiar (PFEP).

Puede revisar nuestro Bosquejo del PFEP en el enlace de la lista y luego tomarse unos minutos para completar la encuesta a continuación.

Comentarios sobre el Plan de Compromiso Paterno y Familiar